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About Gibson Chiropractic Rehab & Sport

Having grown up in Kingston, Dr. Glenn Gibson is delighted to serve those in his hometown. “After being away for 30 years, I wanted to surround myself with family and friends, and an environment that I knew and loved. All those things were the driving force behind me coming home to a place I missed so much.”

Dr. Gibson opened Gibson Chiropractic Rehab & Sport in May 2021 after living and working in Long Island for many years and Tampa, Florida. He enjoys helping people of all ages stay healthy through chiropractic care and exercise, which can contribute to greater longevity and vitality!

Helping Athletes

Dr. Gibson at the front deskAs a longtime athlete himself, with a background in exercise science and personal training, Dr. Gibson wanted to offer sports chiropractic and rehab to his patients. He is passionate about helping patients get stronger and excel athletically.

“I love the rehab aspect because it’s so important and so overlooked,” he said. One of his methods is myofascial release, a technique that loosens up tight muscles manually using the hands. He also teaches the body from a neurological and exercise perspective how to better balance itself so things don’t hurt as much and you can function better.

Dr. Gibson chose to work with patients at Planet Fitness because of its proximity and no intimidation factor. He’ll show patients what equipment to use and exercises to do as part of his rehab program. Dr. Gibson can get you started and will “hand off the ball to you” so you can do the exercises on your own.

A Patient Success Story

Dr. Gibson provided care for a 72-year-old woman with a low T score, and was diagnosed with osteopenia. Her worst fear was that she had to go on medication. She also worried about breaking her hips or legs if she fell. Her doctor told her she needed to get into an exercise routine.

After Dr. Gibson started working with her, the woman’s T score went back up to normal within about six months. The lifting exercises he had the patient do helped strengthen her bones.

Providing Customized Programs

Whether you’re seeking chiropractic care, rehab or a combination of both, Dr. Gibson will craft a customized and flexible plan to help you achieve your goals.

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