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Sports Chiropractic and Rehab at Gibson Chiropractic Rehab & Sport

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, hard-core CrossFitter, occasional golfer or marathon runner, you want to be at your athletic best. At Gibson Chiropractic Rehab & Sport, we offer sports chiropractic and rehab to not only address injuries, but also boost performance.

Dr. Gibson’s undergraduate education in exercise science equipped him with strength training knowledge and application.

We can address many types of sports injuries. Low back pain and shoulder problems are two of the most typical ones we observe.

Types of Athletes We See

Dr. Gibson has provided care for the following:

  • Football players
  • Golfers
  • Skateboarders
  • Sprinters
  • Tennis players

Pain Relief & Performance Improvement

From helping golfers with a tight back that’s hindering their rotation to relieving a football player’s shoulder pain so they can get back on the field, Dr. Gibson helps all levels of athletes.

He understands that athletes want to be back on the field, court or fairway as quickly as possible. Dr. Gibson himself was a former powerlifter; he also played tennis for years and recently took up golf. He’ll use his skills and expertise to help you regain performance, so you can excel at your sport of choice.


Many professional athletes use this form of type, and we use it often in our practice. RockTape is a specific brand of kinesio tape that’s thicker and has more adhesive. While it’s mainly used to help athletes, RockTape can also help non-athletes with back pain. The types of injuries the tape addresses include shin splints, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and others.

Some Patient Success Stories

Getting back to golf

One of Dr. Gibson’s patients was a golfer in Florida. He was in his early 50s and had a lot of trouble rotating, so we stabilized his core, which loosened his pelvis. The patient got a much more relaxed and complete follow through with his swing, and ended up getting out of pain due to his treatment.

Retaining a skateboarding sponsorship

A young competitive skateboarder with a sponsor had injured himself and was told he needed surgery and other interventions. The young man wasn’t able to do half the tricks he used to do. For two weeks, Dr. Gibson worked on the hamstrings on the patient’s right side. After two weeks of treatment, he was back to skating and didn’t lose his sponsorship.

“That kid was thrilled, and he didn’t end up having surgery. We simply released and retained his hamstrings, and he was back to 100 percent!”

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